Well…what shall I write?

I’m a little human in the big BIG world, trying to make the most of everything. I believe that I can gain something from every single thing that happen to me. I just need to look closely or from a different perspective. Yes, I look for the silver lining; and its so very interesting to!

I have a bunch of values and beliefs I feel strongly about, but I’m just human, and much young and inexperienced so I try to not express my thoughts too strongly in case I one day change my mind. though this can be a little difficult sometimes.

what else?

I am using the cover of anonymity for this blog. I’m not sure why. I just don’t want everything to be linked to everything else all the time. That creates a lot of restriction in terms of what you say about who etc… This is a bit like – you’ll see the “inside” of a person but hopefully never see the outside. Though this sounds like a recipe for disaster if I’m being completely honest. oh well, let’s just see what happens.


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