If we were pieces of puzzle, we would start off as square blocks of one colour in childhood, able to fit in mostly anywhere, with anyone. Slowly slowly we start taking shape and earn our particular and distinct shape. I am 22 and after this summer my close group of friends of 5 years will all be married. This has never been problem for me, I have no desire to marry in the near future, but as I’ve mentioned previously, I’m a third culture kid. In puzzle words, I’m…maybe a middle blue piece of sky, could fit in many many many difference puzzles, a plain piece that can mistakenly be put anywhere until all the pieces find their rightful place. I think this is what’s happening, this close group of friends, they are all from one culture, looking at the culture and lifestyle puzzle, they all fit. We were pieces of puzzle they hung out together, hanging in the same box, getting along, but slowly slowly the pieces are falling in place, and I’m not part of this puzzle.

I feel like after this summer life will be very different. I may be wrong, it may be the medication playing with my brain chemistry, making me see things darkly.


and now an attempt at poetry. It’s was supposed to be in the shape of a puzzle. Maybe one day I’ll draw it out properly. (Don’t look forward to this). It has to be a picture because of the formatting.puzzle pieces.JPG



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