This week was back to school, we had a week off for half term. It was quite a challenge being back, but the EY got eggs that hatched into tiny chicks which was very very cute.

Also my Y1 class..I was teaching them about orphans, and decided to ask them what is called when someone doesnt have parents. I got some pretty sweet answers like “poor” and “hopeless”, even got “homeless” but then one girl knew “Orphan”. They’re a cute bunch these lots, I hope I can be a good teacher to them.

Thursday last lesson was a good lesson actually, I got them in groups of 3 and made them prepare a little presentation. I think they enjoyed it.

Wednesday was a pretty much chaos, I need to think of another way to approach that day and organise it, It’s just such a mess… I’ve got to admit, repeating my instructions a thousand times has got to be the thing I hate the most when “live” teaching, (planning and behaviour management often fight for that top spot actually).

Theres this child safety certificate I got the office to print out, not sure if they did, I need to give it to EY head.

Also I might be observed next week… I’ll probably do pretty badly but I should try. I really need to find games/activities for Reception…

Heh, I also applied for an EAL job, I need to get some experience in that area…maybe volunteer or something.


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