This might be bleak and depressing but the world isn’t all sunshine and rainbows (and even rainbows require rain but I’m getting sidetracked here).

I’ve come to believe that all those great people who are most liked, who are admired, who are looked up to; who stand out from the rest, touch hearts and make break-throughs had something in common, (I’m sure there’s more than just one thing, but I want to talk about one and that is:) they had dark times and the darker those times were, the greater they’ve come out the other side.

Look at cancer patients that have recovered, they went through *really* tough times, how about Nelson Mandela? Martin Luther King? I don’t know much about their lives to be honest, and I’m sure someone came to your mind after reading that first paragraph. The person that comes to my mind, who I highly admire is someone named Muhammad, he was born in a single parent family, his mum died when he was 6, he was then brough up by his granddad who died two years later, that’s when he was passed on to his uncle. When he got married and had kids, 3 of them died as kids. He was chased out of his hometown, family members turned against him, he was isolated and ridiculed and called insane and mad. Still, after all this, he was extremely kind to the poor, the orphans, the needy. He had a servant named Zaid who said that in all the years he worked for Muhammad he never was told off about anything he ever did. I’m not talking months here, but years. And he was a servant boy, not a son, an SO, or any kind of family member. They had no blood relation­ that could explain why he never lost his temper with him. Sure, maybe he had a super mellow personality, but *never* is still pretty impressive.

We have to remember not to become bitter and dissatisfied when things get rough, not to lose hope, I try to look for the silver lining, for the way I want this particular difficult situation to shape my character. It’s not a problem, it’s a challenge, will I rise to it? Or will I run away from it?

When we make it the other side, we get an insight into ourselves and humankind (I’m guessing that’s what they call empathy) and that gift is so great, our personality becomes more receptive, we become *better* people, people who can be liked, admired, looked up to, because we understand ourselves and other people. We become shinier people with this “shadow” behind us. I believe this leads to more meaningful relationships, we become aware of the people around us and how similar they are to us, going through similar struggles, similar ups and down, we acknowledge them, be it through a passing nod, a polite smile, or a 5 years long friendship, we’re more patient and understanding and it brings happiness to ourselves and to those around us, making this dark world a little brighter, a kind deed at a time.


here’s a little something I found on reddit that’s pretty cool, I hope you’re having a good time in life.

Everything Is Awful and I'm Not Okay


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