In a couple of months it’ll be the anniversary of my arrival into England. 10 years of living in the beautiful city of London and being exposed to the international language that is English. I came to England with very little English, a few words here and there and a few sentences from language lessons at public school, I was thrown at the deep end, starting regular school a couple of months after my arrival. I felt pretty lost, but I threw myself into books and read and read and read some more.

Now in France, there is this delicious mashed apples thing that we eat often, babies eat it in tiny little pots, and adults are very quick with finishing those pots. Aside from the baby food you can actually buy this compote and we mix it with plain yogurt to make a light but delicious dessert.

I haven’t had compote in a very very very long time, and somehow I could not find it on the British shelves, it seems it wasn’t something Brits ate…and I could never describe it to English speaking people because “mashed apples” didn’t sound appetizing at all.

This delicious compote is often used as a food when one has an upset stomach, it helps pulls the bowels back together… and my brother seems to have a bad case of lose bowels, so I decided to google some foods he could eat, I know we should eat bland but I just wanted confirmation as it’s not for me.

I came across the BRAT diet – Banana, Rice, Applesauce, Toast. I know what 3/4 of those things are, so I quickly google image “Applesauce” Lo and Behold! It’s compote!!!! imagine my surprise!! Ten years on and I’m learning a basic word like “applesauce” Isn’t this just amazing?

I’d watched a show where they had mentioned applesauce, but to be honest with you all, I imagined it as something kinda syrupy, maybe a toffee like apple flavoured maply syrup sort of thing, never would I have thought applecause was compote.

I look forward to asking the rest of my family is they know what Applesauce is. I cant wait to see their faces when I tell them!


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