I was extremely apprehensive to go on this trip to France. France is where I spent my childhood from 1 to 12. I went to nursery, primary and secondary school there. I lived in many places and we have many many family friends dotted around Paris. For some reason I did not want to go France. I dreaded the whole trip and many aspects of it. There was no logical or rational reason and with the idea of “I might regret not going” put in my head as well as the fact that I did not want to be someone who did not go somewhere because they were scared, I went. I was irrationally upset on the car ride there. When I got over this upset there was a little side voice telling me I wasn’t allowed to have fun because I so vehemently didn’t want to go on this trip.

We got to where we were staying early Monday morning. Still jittery and disorientated from being up and about all night I was awake, having something to eat and talking until 10am, I then rested and slept till 2pm.  This Monday was Easter Monday so most things were closed but we went to a couple of shops and did some looking around. It was alright. There was this 1000 piece puzzle I really liked but because the price had been taken off it was no longer on sale.

Tuesday we went to visit many people. It was really nice seeing people I have not seen for more than 5 years. We’ve all grown up and are trying our best to get on with life and the little kids have changed so much. I was glad to see that my French was still passable though I still struggle to get it to come out. We went home after midnight having visited many people and been to many places all over the area around Paris.

Wednesday was a bit more relaxed. There were a few people we needed to see then we went to eat out and headed home where we saw my older cousin. He’s a joker. The evening was pretty relaxed and everyone did what they wanted.

Thursday morning we were suppose to go to the market but it was raining so much that the plan was changed and they instead went to a shopping centre. The early afternoon was spent having lunch and packing. The car would be completely full as my aunt was coming along. We left at 4.15pm giving us ample time to make it to Calais by 9ish. We arrived very early and boarded a ferry at 8.30ish. Its now 9.15 and the boat has just started moving.


I write this from home, it’s Friday afternoon, the boat ride was fine and the final car ride was fine too. While driving to Calais port we saw an adult male, a younger male and a little girl walking by the side of the motorway, then a bit further a police man standing there, looking like he was waiting, then further down we saw “The Jungle”, It didn’t register in our mind, we were driving by the refugee camp… it looks just like the pictures you see on brochures for charities, tents stuck together etc… I didn’t see anyone there, they are not very close to the motorway, I think the camps were moved because the earth all around looks freshly turned. Also there’s a barrier all around, with two layers of barbed wires. I’m just describing it as it is. It makes you feel so helpless.

Overall the trip was good, it was a nice break, just relaxing and holiday-ing, no responsibilities, no deadlines or anything like that. It was a nice break.



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