I’ve recently supported a friend through some tough time and it drained my energy. I see my emotional energy like one of those energy bars in games. The only way I feel that I get it back to full is by sleeping. If I don’t sleep I can function, but not properly, I go about my day in this daze or fog or I go into this hyperdrive move until I’m able to get in some sleep, have you ever seen a toddler or little kid very hyper active when they’re exhausted? They’ll giggle and mess about for no reason and then BAM pass out? That’s how I feel.

I’m writing this because I want to remember this event that was so big to me. Life is complex. We all know that, but it’s in moments like these that we realise further how complex. I won’t put my friend’s situation online but it leaves me with no explanation for certain behaviours. And with me having to accept that this is the way it’ll be, I’ll probably never understand and never know why certain people did certain things. That’s an interesting thought for a control freak like me. Things in life happen that I can never understand. All I can do is make excuses for people and learn what to not do.

People have suggested that meditating might help with getting emotional energy back. I pray, which is like meditating, just more structured. I should focus more on my prayers, I know when I do, I do feel calmer and more at peace. So I guess I should do that a little better, use those opportunities to recharge, there must be more than just sleep to recharge.

To finish nicely, here’s a little thought I’ve had, and I felt it would look nice on a picture.



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