My mum bought two bags of parsnips. That’s about 1kg and they’ve been a fridge a few days. Parsnip isn’t a vegetable we eat regularly and I couldn’t think of a possible application for it from my previous cooking experiences. (I am no expert cook, I just try and gather carbs, protein and veggies in a decent-ish edible thing and throw in whatever smells good from the spice cupboards. (yes with a S, I’ll explain in another post maybe))

Faced with lack of knowledge and being in the 21st century, I turned to google. BBC Good food gave me many recipes, one of which was PARSNIP HASHBROWNS! It sounded GREAT so I decided to give it a go. I used one packet of the parsnip which was 500g. Started cutting the ends and got my bro to peel, but then Dad jumped in saying peeling wasn’t necessary, so bro was reassigned to peel potatoes.

Grate the two together, add an egg, then we diverted from the recipe. Because it’s my family. We added two garlic cloves, a tiny bit of ginger (all finely grated), paprika, cumin powder, saffron powder, chopped coriander, salt, pepper, cornflower (3/4 tea spons). Mix it all together, I did it by hand while my mum and sister chucked the spices in. Then we got a saucepan, oil at the bottom. And I made little pancake/hashbrown thinkness things and GENTLY put them in the saucepan when the oil was hot. My nose is blocked so I couldn’t taste much but family liked it. While about 6/8 were frying, dad suggested adding flour to thicken it a bit, so we did, a bit of selfraising flour, I guess it’s up to individual taste. There’s another cake thing, using a vegetable…it’s..basically white taro, its grated the same, with other things and then made into ball shapes and deep fried. It tasted a bit like that (my parents said so) but I think frying in a frying pan is healthier than deep frying..right?


So those turned out great. And it was nice to do some inventive cooking again. Especially when it turns out tasting good and making people happy! The recipe says u can fry the then freeze them and just heat them up when you want to eat them… but I wonder if you make the mix, freeze it and later get it out and fry it will it be ok? Sounds like it would be fine…

Also a thing the recipe mentions is to squeeze out the liquid from parsnip/potatoes. I didn’t really do that. We grated the potatoes and didn’t wash the starch out. That starch would help stick the stuff together we reckon. Also mix regularly while shaping the hashbrowns. The liquid would go to the bottom and make it soggy while the top stayed dry. So giving it a mix before taking some in your palm and flattening and then GENTLY putting it into the frying pan is good. Near the end though, it might be good to squeeze out as there might be too much liquid making your mix too soggy.

I’m struggling a bit to write my other blogs about being sick, so here’s a recipe blog! Coz food is gooooood. Also I don’t celebrate Christmas. So here I am. Friday, making parsnip hashbrowns.

Also, I can’t get my head around the word parsnip. I keep saying parnsnip and before I was saying parnship. Disastrous really… I shall turn that other packet of p.a.r.s.n.i.p.s into a soup maybe…wonder how that’ll taste…


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