The evening before I was due to start university, I found myself chasing my brother with a dictionary to throw at him. I tripped and fell on the carpet. Got back up, picked up the dictionary and threw it at his hiding self.

Later, I felt a burning pain in my knee, as I looked, I realised I had skinned myself. How nostalgic, it looked exactly like something you’d get from falling over while playing outside with your friends during a common summer day. That stinging pain that wouldn’t relent…every step reminded me of the pain, and of childhood.

This event made me think, even if I’m going university, I should hold on to my childhood, to all the good of it, as much as I can and as healthily as possible; the innocence, being carefree, the raw feelings, the honesty, the sense of justice, the wonder at every little thing, and so much more.

And here I was, 20, on the eve of starting a degree, with a scraped knee.

It’s been a few days now, and I was just thinking today…did we stop running and skipping easily because of the invisible weight that ended up on our shoulders? are we literally weighted down as grown ups? I think that isn’t good, however many responsibilities we have, however many worries, however many engagements, I want to be someone who can still skip and run just because. To be honest, I don’t remember the last time I skipped around, but I remember the last time I’ve just wanted to run the last stretch of the walk home, just to get there faster, just coz I’m going home. That was two days ago. and I didn’t run.


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