I created a wordpress because I thought it would be easier to follow blogs and get them all into one sort of “newsfeed” to read through. Then I got offered a blog of my own… I don’t know if I deserve such a thing, I am a big overthinker – I think. So I’ve thought about posting here a lot of time. I felt the first entry should be special; because if I liked someone’s blog I usually check out their first post. Just to see. So that led to a lot of pondering and overthinking…I even started writing an entry on paper!

Many times, I’ve wanted to just post a blog entry. but many things stopped me. one of them being “who am I writing to”. I’d like to think I’m writing for myself, but really, in today’s society I know someone out there might end up reading this. I still don’t know the answer to “who am I writing to” but I think I’ve just got to start writing to see where that takes me.


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